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About Tahoe Blue

Tahoe Blue provides solutions, services, and advisory to the public and private sectors of the financial industry. 

Current efforts are focused on: 

  • „The needs of institutions to effectively and efficiently integrate financial data, risk management and regulatory compliance. 
  • Strategies and best practices and methodologies for managing and implementing data standards across the enterprise.
  • „Services and solutions that provide institutions with cost-effective and rapidly deployable solutions to regulatory identification requirements such as the LEI.

About G-LEI.com

G-LEI.com provides value-added LEI matching, onboarding and master data management services to financial institutions.

This access is provided to commercial users on a commercial basis.

The data is freely available from the individual LOUs. Getting access to it in a timely manner to be able to match LEIs with trading partners can not be provided freely.

We aggregate the data from the individual LOUs on a daily basis and provide APIs for LEI matching and operational watch list services that synchronize customer rosters and LEI registrations.

To all of you, from all of us at G-LEI.com - Thank you!